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Phone Discussion:  During the initial conversation we ask several questions as you discuss the needs and wants of your custom build or renovation.  This helps us to see the project through your eyes, so that we can work more effectively with you during planning and design. If we collectively believe that our company may be a good fit for your project, we will set up a time for you to meet our general contractor/ estimator and, if needed, our designer.

Initial Visit:  At our first meeting we will listen to your ideas and help you prioritize your wants and needs.  For remodel projects, we may assess the existing structure and conditions, including framing, plumbing, heating & cooling, foundation, electrical while we take detailed measurements of your current space.

Conceptual Design & Estimate: Using the information we have gathered thus far, we will prepare a conceptual design & estimate for your project.  Occasionally, design creativity and solution development may push the project in a different direction.  This is when we need to review the budget and determine if we are still on track with the budget expectations. 

Design Development: If you choose to use our design services for your project, we will work on the layout and 3D renderings using our software, Chief Architect Premier.  We can help you target the design of your project to match your budget.  You will have access to our designer throughout the duration of your project to help with material selection.

Construction Documents Consultation: We will meet with you to review the comprehensive contract that includes the Scope of Work, Allowances and General Conditions. The Scope of Work clearly describes what is and what is not in the project, and is presented for your approval. It will map out the project from beginning to end, including everything from demolition, framing, mechanicals, and materials that are included.  An approximate budget for allowances will be provided in the contract.  The allowance is an amount specified and included in the construction contract (or specifications) for a certain item of work (e.g., appliances, lighting, etc.) whose details are not yet determined at the time of contracting.  The General Conditions help explain our process and define each party's duties and the rules by which they are to meet obligations and perform the work they agreed upon. We want to clarify what is important to you, so we will also discuss with you such details as where the dumpster will be located, where materials will be stored, traffic flow, work hours, your family, the steps we will take to protect non-construction areas of your home from dust, and how you can safeguard your pets.

Project Provisions & Scheduling- We will apply for permits from the city or county that you live in.  We will schedule each of the trade contractors and begin to order materials and confirm lead times to make sure that materials are on-site in time for their installation.  These steps are designed to help reduce the level of stress that you may experience during your new construction or renovation.

Construction: We believe that communication is essential, so during construction your Project Coordinator will have several informal meetings with you.  Depending on job size, you may have access to our Project Management software, BuildTools.  Our Project Coordinator serves as our customer liaison and will play a vital role during construction as she manages schedules and communication.

Selections: We will work with you to make specific materials selections.  We will assist by introducing you to our partners in cabinetry, counter tops, appliances, plumbing materials, flooring and more.  We will work with you and our subcontractors on plans for mechanicals—including an electrical walk-through, detailing the proposed placement of lighting, outlets, and switches.  We will discuss placement of HVAC units, and plumbing fixtures.  We will also assist you in selection of materials that will be used to help maintain a cohesive design throughout your space.

The list of selections is gathered into a Interior/ Exterior Finish Schedule document.  Copies of this document are kept in our Project Management software for the Project Coordinator to access and on site for any subcontractors to reference.

Walk-thru and Punchlist: Near the end of construction your project coordinator and the general contractor will meet with you and go through a detailed site review and a Punch List will be established to address any finishing touches that may be required.  He will work hand-in-hand with you to make sure that items on the Punch List are completed to your satisfaction.

Feedback: We will provide contact information for different reporting agencies such as Houzz, Facebook and Google should you wish to share your experience with others.




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